Welcome…. PSW = Personal Support Worker

A personal support worker (PSW) is an individual who provides direct care with various daily personal care needs. PSWs often support and work with many health professionals in diverse settings such as private home care, long-term care, community services and hospitals.

Did you know Personal Support Workers are a group of more than 100,000 health care providers?

This site is to allow ratings offering you informed decisions when it comes to your care. To provide answers and information about PSWs and offering a rating system helping you make informed decisions when allowing someone to care for you or someone you love with all your heart.

You will know who they are when they arrive to care for you by their rating

About Us

Rate My PSW is the site to review and rate PSWs. Informed Decisions are Better Decisions

Whether you are making decisions about your care or those you care for, reviews will offer information based on the experience of others.


Common questions about RateMyPSW.com

Is there a PSW Registry like there is for DRs and Nurses and other Professions ?

No. At this time ( 2018) there is no formal registry of PSWs. Nor is there a PSW Registry for the public to view. PSWs who work for Agencies have completed a certified PSW course and Vulnerable Sector Check. This ratings site is to offer some validation for the PSW coming to you.


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