Is there a PSW Registry like there is for DRs and Nurses and other Professions ?

No. At this time ( 2018) there is no formal registry of PSWs. Nor is there a PSW Registry for the public to view. PSWs who work for Agencies have completed a certified PSW course and Vulnerable Sector Check. This ratings site is to offer some validation for the PSW coming to you.

Where can I find a good PSW ?

This website is a start. Ratings and Reviews of Agencies and their PSWs will offer you insight. We all have our own perception and expectation of good care. Making an informed decision for your care is important.

Who Needs A PSW ?

Age is not a factor, we may all need a little help somedays. A PSW is the caring and supportive health care provider who gives support and a helping hand whether you have come through a surgery, accident or simply need some extra care to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Who Monitors the Private In Home Care provided by a PSW?

At this time YOU monitor, rate and review your level of care and expectations delivered by your PSW